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10-15g baggie of  Elite Shungite

10-15g baggie of Elite Shungite

Shungite cleans water and neutralizes impurities. Shungite removes heavy metals. Elite shungite contains up to 94% carbon, It is highly absorbent, enough to draw contaminants from water. Also, when placed in water shungite cleans water by removing:* Phenol* Iron* Manganese* Chlorine* Nitrates* Nitrites* Bacteria* Microorganismsit contains trace amounts of fullerenes, the only molecular form of carbon. Fullerenes also have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to relieve pain and suppress allergy symptoms. Shungite water science shows that fullerenes are effective even in very small doses and the benefits can last for months.Other shungite water benefits include its antioxidant properties, which help to suppress free radicals. Many believe the antioxidant ability of fullerenes to exceed that of vitamin E, dibunol, and beta-carotene.Some people living with psoriasis find that dabbing the skin with shungite water a couple of times a day is highly effective at treating their condition.Drinking shungite water may also be beneficial in the treatment of:Cardiovascular diseases, Kidney diseases, Liver diseases, Pancreatic diseases, Cholecystitis, Gastritis and dyspepsia, Gall-bladder problems, Anemia, Asthma, Chronic fatigue and Arthritis. Shungite water benefits the human body by normalizing cellular metabolism and increasing enzyme activity. Fullerenes boost the regenerative ability of human tissue and influence the exchange of neurotransmitters, which can improve a person’s resistance to stress.
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